Slush Puppie

As members of the Slush Puppie family and pioneers of the slush-beverage industry, we commit to fulfilling our promise by:

  • Guaranteeing the superior quality of our products and services, through HACCP certification (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). Only a select group of Canadian food-industry companies, of which we are a part, meets the requirements of this internationally-recognized food safety process.
  • Applying a stringent work ethic and demonstrating utmost integrity in all that we do. We determine to perfect our skills and to keep clean work spaces.
  • Providing daring products and services, through continuous innovation and the development of new approaches and marketing practices.
  • Displaying diplomacy, respect and courtesy in teamwork, enabling us to provide unrivalled customer, supplier and employee care. The dedication of each Slush Puppie family member directly enhances the speed of our renowned delivery and repair services.
  • Setting the example in business, while remaining faithful to the entrepreneurial spirit that has propelled us for decades. As a model enterprise, we always stand out from amongst our competitors and we generate long-term growth in profits for our shareholders, our employees, our partners and, of course, our customers.